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Directors:  Peter Ho-Sun Chan

Starring:  Gong Li, Huang Bo, Wu Gang

Genre:  Drama, Sport


After 12 years, the Chinese women's volleyball team again reached the Olympic final. The ups and downs of the Chinese women's volleyball team for more than three decades have slowly spread away.

Director Peter Chan, who is best known for his past movies such as Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996), Perhaps Love (2005), The Warlords (2010), Dearest (2014) etc, is returning this year with his new work “Leap”. Starring Gong Li and Huang Bo, “Leap,” tells a story of the Chinese women’s national volleyball team and how they depicted the struggles of several generations to become one of the leading squads in women’s international volleyball.

《一點就到家》Coffee or Tea

Directors:  Derek Hui

Starring:  Haoran Liu, Yuchang Peng, Fang Yin

Genre:  C​omedy​


Three young men with very different personalities. When they leave the big city to return to the thousand-year-old village of Yunnan, they each begin a crazy and dream journey.

Wei Jinbei, Peng Xiubing, and Li Shaoqun are three young people with very different personalities. They returned from the big city to the ancient village of Yunnan and by coincidence,  joined forces in e-commerce. They understood that e-commerce is not limited to sell things from the city to the countryside, but also to sell things from the countryside. Although initially incompatible with the villages, they changed everyone with sincerity and started a pure and absurd entrepreneurial journey.

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Herman Yau


Andy Lau and Sean Lau

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December 24th, 2020

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